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Niche Targa Wheels


Nisan Targa Wheels will take you for a ride!

Other brands stand no chance when Niche wheels come into the scenario. Niche Targa Wheels are the new ones on the block with their unique design made of multiple spokes. Niche as a brand name needs no introduction. It has ruled over the wheel industry for ages and has evolved and transformed itself as new technologies and updates have made their way into the wheel market. These wheels come in the typical concave design with their spokes originating from the center and meeting the edges.

Niche Targa wheels are available online at a price of $158.00 (approximately). In fact, you can also get a set of 4 wheels at a price of $632.00!

The most attractive features of Niche Targa Black M130 Machined wheels:

  • The multi-spoke design is split in nature. It is of the quintessential monobloc form, those that come without a lip.
  • The size of the lip will, however, vary according to that of the wheel.
  • The size of the wheels will naturally differ in accordance with the size and specifications of the concerned vehicle. The different sizes in which Niche Targa wheels available are 19*8.5, 19*10, 19*9.5, 20*10, 20*8.5, 20*10.5.
  • You will get exactly the kind of finish you want for your wheels. You have a wide range of finishes to choose from like silver machines, gunmetal of a matte shade along with black machined.
  • The wheels are TPMS compatible which is very beneficial.
  • Staggered setup of the wheels is one of their main characteristic features.
  • The concave design of the wheels is emphasized with a greater amount of tough staggered fitments.
  • These wheels are such built that they are suitable for greater caliper upgrades.
  • The wheels along with their tires are custom made for each unique customer. Hence, the orders cannot be canceled and the products also have no provision to be returned.
  • These wheels can be customized as per your wish, which will set it apart from other wheels.

Apart from knowing the features, as a buyer, you should also know why Niche Targa Black M130 machined wheels are ahead of others. They have a number of plus points. Unlike traditional luxury wheels, these wheels belong to the collection of Sports series. Therefore, they are racier, aggressive and have a greater concavity. These wheels are manufactured from the finest equipment which makes them durable enough to last for long. If you purchase these wheels, the experts will install the wheels for you. Also, the mounting and the balancing of the wheels will be absolutely free. You will be glad to know that you will not have to pay extra money for the installation kit and associated hardware of the wheels. The wheels have greater longevity with proper nitrogen inflation. The experts will also do it for you, so do not worry.

If you are skeptical about the right brand of wheels, Niche is the brand. Purchase Niche Targa M130 wheels today!