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Niche Surge Wheels



The Niche wheels are a part of the MHT wheels, a world-famous brand producing superior quality car wheels with exotic features. They are geared up to surprise you all over again with their premium model in wheels- the Niche Surge wheels. These machine-faced and dark-tinted wheels are ideal for sports cars and come with an aggressive exterior. The wheels are concave with the spokes extending from the center to the circumference of the car. The fitments are aggressive and staggered and there are provisions for large caliper upgrades.

The size of the lip here varies along with the wheel size. You can order for wheels or tires or both in a packaged form which will allow you to save money. Orders once made can’t be cancelled. The three types of finishes available are matt, machined and chrome. You can consult the experts and finalize the finish that suits your car the best.

The company produces a variety of branded wheels such as BS, HRE, Volk, Vossen, MRR Design, Concept One, Vertini, and Rohana.  

These wheels must always be bought from reputed companies instead of buying them from local dealers. In doing so, you will get many advantages such as:-

  • Free installation of the tires by experts.
  • UPS certification for the shipping packages.
  • Assured quality and value for money
  • Service and assistance throughout.
  • Free consultancy with wheel and tire experts regarding which style will suit your vehicle the best.
  • Mounting and balancing using great quality equipments.
  • TPMS sensors that will come free of cost.
  • A complementary Nitrogen inflammation that will help your car tires to last long and deliver a better fuel economy.
  • An installation kit for hassle-free installation.
  • There’s a guarantee that the wheels will fit your car perfectly.
  • Options for customization with respect to the paints.

The professionals who would help you to fit the parts to your cars are also experienced and knowledgeable. They strive to achieve complete satisfaction of the customers. The wheels also use state-of-the-art technology and best quality raw materials and are hence the perfect choice that you can make for your car.

One salient feature of these wheels is upgrading. There are too many options available in today’s market with respect to the upgrading of wheels. Taking the decision, therefore, is not easy. It is always better to buy wheels from a company that provides proper warranty information, tells you the manufacturer history and also shows you some exclusive pictures and videos related to what you choose.