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Niche Milan Wheels


Speed up with Niche Milan Black M134 Wheels!

The appearance of your vehicle will be instantly transformed if you implant Niche Milan Wheels . Niche Milan Wheels M134 are just what you need to add a sporty look to your vehicle and to get a superlative performance as well. The credibility of the brand Niche cannot be questioned owing to their reputation and consequent evolution over the years. They have updated themselves with the latest technological features and given strong competition to the other ones in the wheel industry. Niche has undergone quite some transformation from Big Bling till small Tuner. Literally, it has carved a path for itself in this highly competitive industry.

Niche Milan Black M134 wheels are very reasonably priced at a cost of $229.00. If you wish for a bigger number of wheels, you can also buy a set of 4 wheels at a cost of $916.00. We have looked through online sites and put forward its special qualities and features for you.


Firstly, coming to the exteriors of the wheel, they have spokes which start from the center of the wheel and radiate towards the outside. The design comprises 5 spokes, resembles a star and hence is very attractive. Unlike other staggered luxury wheels, Niche Milan Black has the monobloc look without a lip. Cast monobloc built is the newest addition to the Niche Sports series. They are also devoid of a lip. The spokes of the wheels extend to the exterior far end of the wheels, thus increasing the concave design of the wheels. Also, these wheels are equipped with sturdy staggered fitments as well as big caliper upgrades. These wheels come in the shades of Black Machined, Chrome along with Silver Machined. As you have read earlier, Milan wheels have a concave design and staggered set up. To cater to the needs of vehicles of different sizes, Milan wheels are available in a number of sizes like 19*9.5, 20*8.5, 19*9.5, 20*10, 20*10.5 and finally 22*10. These wheels have a warranty for a lifetime. The best part of these wheels is that they are TPMS compatible.

Now, let’s come to the pros of these wheels:

  • The sites provide authentic experts on wheels who will assist and guide you.
  • They provide trustworthy information regarding fitment.
  • The equipment provided by them is of the greatest quality which ensures the mounting to take place without any damage. Also, perfect balance is maintained.
  • If you are looking for customized wheels, here is the place. They have the facility to paint the wheels at your place.
  • TPMS sensors come along with the package which is bought and they are installed for free.
  • If you order a wheel, you can be assured of their mounting as well as balancing for totally free.
  • Wheels sustain longer with the help of nitrogen inflation, which you are getting for free here.
  • The new wheels require hardware and their proper installation which is done for absolutely free.

It’s time you purchase Niche Milan Black Wheels!