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Niche Form Wheels



Are you looking for the best quality concave sports wheels for your car? Here’s an exotic range of wheels called the Form wheels from Niche. Niche wheels are a part of the MHT wheels of California which combine quality with style. It has several collections of exquisite, superior quality and durable wheels that will be the ideal choice to make for your car.

Designed with absolute perfection, these wheels have a staggered base. Concavity is achieved here by using multiple spokes that extend right from the center to the circumference of the wheels.

These seamlessly designed wheels come in different sizes such as 19x8.5, 19x9.5, 20x10.5, 20x10 and 20x8.5. These are available in two different types of finishes, bronze and charcoal.

The Niche Form wheels come with TMPS compatibility and lifetime warranty. The lip size depends upon the size of the wheels. It is known that a common size and design of wheel will not fit all varieties. Hence, the Niche Form wheels are customizable according to the car model that you own. So, you need to order a wheel keeping your car in mind. However, cancellation of order is not possible at a later stage.

These wheels have the ability to accept almost all factory upgrades, that too without requiring any spacers or adapters. You can pick any variety from among chrome, matt and machined finishes.

 One good example of this type of wheels is M158. It is available in two types of finishes, charcoal and bronze. The prices will begin at around $200 in a reputed company.

The concave, multi-spoke wheel is available in three stances:

  • Staggered set-up
  • Squared set-up
  • Standard set-up

The warranty given on the finishing is usually a one-time warranty while lifetime warranty is given in the product.

These are high-end wheels meant for luxury cars. So you are suggested to buy them from a reputed website so that you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • A dedicated team of wheel experts will be there to ensure a hassle-free installation.
  • The product will come with a warranty of suitably fitting into your car.
  • Wheel and tire will be covered under a package so that you can save more.
  • Color customization with in-house experts.
  • TPMS sensors without paying any additional money.
  • Expert professionals will do the mounting and balancing for you.
  • Complementary nitrogen inflammation for durability and better fuel efficiency of your car.
  • An installation kit will be provided along with the wheel so that you can get all the hardware required for free.
  • Finest quality products will be provided.
  • The shipping packages will be certified by UPS.
  • The quality of service will be justifiable for the amount of money that you invest on these wheels.

So, get ready to experience pleasure in driving your car with these wheels from Niche!