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Niche Essen Wheels


Niche Essen wheels: Best performers on the road

Niche is the most trusted name when it comes to concave wheels. The most reliable company Niche never compromises with the quality and delivers the very innovative design of wheels. Over the years, Niche, as a brand, has moved from Big Bling till small tuner, built a name for itself and gathered credibility among the customers. A name to reckon within the wheel industry, they are highly preferred among users who want custom wheels for their vehicles. Trucks, motor cars as well as SUVs, all kinds of vehicles are jazzed up by Niche wheels. They use the latest updated technologies in their wheels. They not only fulfill the market parameters but also move a step ahead of others by exceeding the standards.

The company has come up with Niche Essen Wheels that are available in shades of glossy machined silver as well as the quintessential jet black. The price of these wheels is as low as $200.00 (appx.). Also, if you wish, you can get a set 4 wheels at a price of $800.00.The quality of materials used to manufacture these wheels is of the superlative quality. These wheels have multiple spokes and the look is governed by a monobloc one that is devoid of a lip. We have searched the online sites and listen down the principal features of Niche Essen M-146 wheels. They are as follows:


  • They are available in a wide number of sizes to suit the needs of different cars. The sizes are 19* 10, 21*9, 18*8, 20*9, 21*10.5, 19*8.5, 20*10 and 20*10.5.
  • Niche has been attentive enough to see that their wheels match different vehicles. Black which is a matte shade and silver machine are the two colors the wheels come in.
  • The rims of the wheels have a staggered set up.
  • The wheels have been such constructed that they are TPMS compatible.
  • Upon finish, you will get a warranty of one year on the wheels.
  • These wheels have an attractive concave design.

Apart from such great features, we will enlighten you about a number of advantages of using these wheels. They are compiled subsequently:

  • Niche Essen wheels and their monobloc look is that of “no lip” nature which sets it apart from the usual luxury staggered wheels.
  • The spokes of Niche Essen M-146 extend from the middle of the wheel towards the external edge of the rim. This adds to and further develops the concave design of the wheels to the staggered set up.
  • Niche has recently launched a Sports Series, the wheels of which are all devoid of lips, especially Cast Monobloc and its magnificent build.
  • In these wheels, spokes move to the external edge of the center, enhancing the concave design and the strong staggered fitments.
  • These wheels are available with big caliper upgrades as well.

We would suggest you not to go to local stores and instead buy standard quality Niche Essen wheels.