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Niche Citrine Wheels


  Niche Citrine M161 wheels: An overview

Looking for wheels that will sustain a lifetime? Niche wheels are the solution. Niche is a brand which has built its own reputation over the years. It is not backdated and has evolved itself along with the waves of change that have been imposed upon the industry of the wheels. The newest addition to the collection of Niche is Niche Citrine Wheels which is bound to single out your car from the scores of vehicles on the street. When you use Niche Citrine M61 wheels for your car which have a glossy silvered finish, all eyes are compelled to be on your car. The online sites are selling this particular model of wheels at a price of around $225.00. If you have bigger plans and want to go for a set of 4 wheels, you can get them for a reasonable price of $900.00.

Design of the wheel:

  • The first thing that catches the attention of the onlookers is the design of the wheel. This wheel, though made of multiple spokes, has a deeper concave pattern which looks very appealing.
  • The spokes spread towards the external edge right from the center. This allows for greater emphasis on concavity. With it, comes stronger staggered fitments plus the advantage of getting the wheels larger caliper upgrades.
  • Coming to the color, these wheels look magnificent in shades of silver machined, bronze as well as pure white.
  • Unlike other wheels, in the case of Niche Citrine, you are free to choose from a wide range of setups. The available setups are standard, squared and the normal staggered setup.
  • The design of the wheel is such made that it has been mould out of a single piece of monobloc cast wheel.

Sizes of the wheels:

Different vehicles need different sizes of the wheel to function properly. Niche Citrine M61 wheels allow you to choose from the following sizes:

  • 18*8
  • 19*8.5
  • 18*9.5
  • 20*10
  • 19*9.5
  • 20*8.5
  • 20*10.5

Properties of the wheel:

  • These wheels are compatible to TPMS.
  • The size of the lip depends on the size of the wheel and will vary according to that.
  • Once you buy the wheel, you will receive the TPMS sensors along with the package. Also, you will not have to pay extra money for that.
  • The wheels are manufactured from the best quality of materials. Niche is one such brand which does not compromise with the quality of the equipment and hardware as well.

The online sites are providing Niche Citrine wheels at such a lucrative price. Just keep in mind that the wheels are customized according to the particular demands of each client. Therefore, the orders cannot be canceled and the products cannot be returned, once you have bought them. After buying the wheels, you do not need to worry about the installation and associated issues like nitrogen filtration. The experts will come to your place and do it for absolutely free.

So go ahead and purchase Niche Citrine M61 wheels!