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Niche wheels provide a warranty against structural damages so long as the wheel remains with its first owner. If defects are found, the wheel will be repaired or replaced. Niche wheels also provides an installation guide for installing tires on their website itself so that it is easy for the buyers to install the tires on their own.   


Niche Road Wheels is a company based in Dominguez CA, USA. We are mainly concerned with the selling of road wheels and other associated products through our authorized dealers and installers. We provide quality wheels for branded cars which one can buy through a dealer in his or her locality by contacting him through the website of Niche Road Wheels. The warranty and other related issues are handled directly by the dealer.

The different kinds of wheels that we offer are-

  • 2016 Styles: These combine the latest trends in car wheels.
  • Sports Series Wheels: These are cast mono black in color and come with a concave profile. In this type of wheels, the spokes extend till the edge of the tip for maximum concavity. To bring the sports car feeling, the wheels feature aggressive staggered filaments and larger caliper experience.
  • Racing Series: These wheels are stronger and capable of accepting large brake caliper upgrades. They are designed to perfection for superior performance. The monoblock construction is cast with a dual lug.
  • Forged Series: These are customized with a wide array of options to choose from. They are designed according to the different features of the cars which they are meant for. There is a variety of forging and profile options. They come in both single tone finishes and glossy, colored variants. The metal work is done with extreme precision and expertise.
  • Competition Series: These wheels are dedicated for track duty. The I-beamed spokes and deeply machined centers help the car owner to surpass all others in the race track. These wheels are custom-made in diameters ranging from 17” to 21” to suit various applications.
  • Track Series: These are dual wheels with endless varieties of finishing and available in both traditional and step lip forms. They are sturdy enough to face the rigorous tracks.

All these varieties of car wheels are available in different sizes to suit different cars and also come in different finishes such as transparent, glossy, multi-toned and matte.


       There are not only these outstanding wheels but also some Niche accessories and apparels that the company deals with. The apparels are mostly jade black in color with the “Niche” logo printed on them.  Starting from caps and t-shirts to pullovers- there is everything that a man with a passion for driving would love to wear. The apparels are embroidered with perfection using quality materials and come within the range of $20-$30.


The different tags using which one can browse for car wheels in their website are Alpinne, Forged, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Range Rover and many more!